Custom Trailer Design and Fabrication

Scott Trailers Mfg has been manufacturing custom trailers for over 24 years. We have done everything in aluminum and steel from: flat decks, box trailers, dump boxes, boat trailers, horse trailers, utility trailers, teardrop trailers to a large scale motor home; these are just to name a few. If you are looking to have a trailer built that will last you years to come that can handle all your specific needs... Scott Trailers Mfg has the expertise! 

We will sit down with you and go over your wants / needs, materials, budget and design. We will walk you through the whole process to ensure that we are not only capable of handling your project but to also getting exactly what you want.

Trailer Alteration and Repair

Scott Trailers Mfg. not only builds custom trailers, we also handle custom alterations and repairs. If your trailer is lacking in areas that need improvement, bring it to our facility and we can see where we can adjust, improve or rebuild to make your existing trailer perform at it's best.

Need a repair? No worries! We have the capabilities to get you repaired, looking great and back on the road in no time. 

Servicing / Maintenance

Every trailer requires servicing/maintenance to ensure that it functions safely and smoothly. 

If you are looking to get your axles, brakes, bearings, electrical, lights, and flooring inspected and serviced click on the button below to book an appointment today.

Here are just a few of the trailers we have built over the years...

  • flat decks

  • box trailers

  • utility trailers

  • boat trailers

  • dump boxes

  • landscaping trailers

  • specialized equipment towing trailers

  • therapeutic handicap accessible

  • horse carts

  • teardrop trailers

  • display trailers

  • concession stands

  • large scale NASCAR motor home towed with semi truck (with stacking garage)

For all your other projects needs visit for more information.

If you are unsure if we are able to handle a task, just click on the "Chat With Us!" tab at the bottom right of this page and one of our Services Representatives will be right with you to answer your questions.